How does Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Work?

Your Parking or general Mobility Experience in day to day life situations is Far from Ideal. We foresee it would only get Worse with the Shrinking Parking Spaces & Ever Growing Number of Vehicles.

We work with Smart Cities, Governments, Corporates, Commercial Complexes(Malls, Hotels, etc.), Residential Communities, and essentially any Businesses or Entities to understand.

Smart Number Plate Recognition System

It can get hectic to manage entry and exit of cars at huge parking lots or building premises when you have to keep a track of them. A dedicated staff is essential to note down date, time, and number plate. But, that changes with PARK360. Our Smart and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system will not only track the license plate but also note down the time and date of the vehicle entry and exit.

Fully Automated Gate Security

Our ANPR system not only eliminates the staff dependency but also sets up secure parking management with automated gate system. With Number Plate Recognition System, the system can identify familiar vehicles and automatically allows entry or exit through the gate. PARK360's ANPR technology with RFID/UHF or QR-based Entry/Exit system also offer customizations such as addition or removal of approved vehicles in the database as per the requirements.

Fully Automated Gate Security System

Fully Automated Gate Security

Add-ons for ANPR parking system

Boom Barrier System

QR/Card Access Control

Pay & Park Solution

Parking Slot Booking

Where to Use?


Tourist Spots


Commercial Buildings

Commercial Firm

Railway Stations

Textile Market


Public Parking Lots

Bus Stations

Govt. Projects

Residential Housing


Metro Stations

Shopping Centers



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