PARK360 Pay & Park Solutions

Traditional pay & park facilities are unorganized and PARK360 is here to change that. Most Pay & Park operators lose money big time as they are not able to track the movement of vehicles throughout the day. That's going to change with PARK360.

With our Pay & Park solutions, we transform the tradition setup into a more intelligent, highly efficient environment to manage parking spaces. We offer custom entry/exit options such as handheld Mobile POS, automatic ticket dispenser, or a terminal based on the requirements of the Pay and Park operator.

Digital Parking Management​

With digital parking management, Pay & Park operates can relax and automate the entire parking system at their base. No more paper slips, manual book keeping, and unorganized cash receipts. PARK360 offers smart parking management system that digitizes Pay & Park lots with smarter options like automatic ticket dispenser at the entry gate, a terminal-based system or a handheld Parking Slip machine to print parking tickets.

Our system is designed to charge based on duration, type of the vehicle, etc. PARK360 can also manage a monthly pass system for those using the parking lot frequently.

Analytical Dashboard and Live Reports

With traditional Pay & Park system, the operators often find it difficult to keep a track on income generated from parking. A Smart Parking Solution not only helps the operators maintain digital records and payments but also helps them manage the parking spaces more efficiently.

Real-time monitoring and Live Reports allows the operators to watch over the operations from anywhere, anytime.

Pay and Park Live Reports and Dashboard

Utilize 100% of your parking

Add-ons for Parking POS System

Boom Barrier System

QR Based Parking Solution

ANPR Parking System

Parking Slip Dispenser

Where to Use?

Commercial Building

Commercial buildings


Tourist Spots


Commercial Firm

Railway Stations

Textile Market


Public Parking Lots

Bus Stations

Govt. Projects

Residential Housing


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