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    Revolutionize Parking Management for Builders and Developers

    Introducing PARK360's advanced parking management system designed to provide a seamless parking experience for your projects. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can effortlessly manage parking spaces, enable easy navigation, and offer convenient reservation and payment options. Enhance tenant satisfaction, streamline parking operations, and make a lasting impression with our innovative solution.

    Enhance the value of your properties with PARK360's intelligent parking solutions. By implementing our advanced parking management system, you can offer convenience and security to your residents and visitors. From optimized space allocation to advanced access control measures, our solution ensures a hassle-free and secure parking experience that adds value to your projects.

    PARK360 Parking Management Solutions for

    Builders and Developers

    Experience the power of effortless parking management with PARK360's cutting-edge solutions designed specifically for builders and developers. Optimize space utilization, enhance security, and streamline operations with our advanced system tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects.


    A well-implemented parking management system ensures that each resident is assigned a dedicated parking space. This eliminates the hassle of searching for parking and guarantees a spot for residents. Having an assigned space provides convenience and peace of mind, knowing that their parking needs are met.

    Secure Access Control

    Our Parking Management Systems incorporate security measures that integrates with surveillance camera systems, access control systems. These features enhance the safety and security of residents' vehicles and the overall parking environment. It helps prevent unauthorized access, reduces the risk of theft or vandalism, and provides a sense of security for residents.

    Paperless Entry/Exit

    With PARK360, builders and developers can eliminate the need for traditional paper-based ticketing or access systems with our paperless entry/exit feature. This streamlines parking operations, reduces manual processes, and saves time for both staff and visitors. It improves operational efficiency and allows resources to be allocated to other critical areas.

    Parking Design Consultation

    PARK360's parking space design consultation service focuses on optimizing the utilization of available space. The team of experts analyzes the layout of the property and provides recommendations on efficient parking space design. By considering factors such as parking stall sizes, traffic flow patterns, and accessibility requirements, PARK360 helps developers and builders make the most of their parking areas, accommodating more vehicles within the available space.

    Pay and Park Solutions

    PARK360 offers self-service payment kiosks that can be strategically placed within the parking facility. PARK360 offers seamless integration with various digital payment platforms and gateways. Real estate developers and builders can leverage this feature to enable users to make parking payments electronically. Real estate developers and builders can incorporate parking pass and permit systems into the Parking Management System.

    Parking Enforcement Solutions

    Building codes and accessibility regulations often have specific requirements for parking spaces. PARK360's experts are well-versed in these regulations and can provide guidance to developers to ensure compliance as well as incorporate parking enforcement systems. This includes considerations for accessible parking spots, van accessibility, signage, and other relevant factors.

    Features of PARK360 Parking Management System

    Boom Barrier System

    Smart Access Control

    Pay & Park System

    ANPR Camera Monitoring

    Parking Management System Benefits for Builders

    Implementing an intelligent parking management system offers several benefits for real estate builders and developers.

    Optimal Space Utilization

    An intelligent parking management system maximizes the utilization of parking spaces within the real estate development.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Our Parking Management System enhances the parking experience for residents, tenants, and visitors.

    Efficient Traffic Flow

    Our smart and digital parking management systems optimize traffic flow within the parking facility.

    Revenue Generation Opportunities

    Our advanced parking management systems unlocks revenue generation opportunities for real estate builders and developers.

    Enhanced Security

    Our Parking Management System integrates advanced security measures to ensure the safety of the parking facility.

    Integration with Smart City Initiatives

    By connecting to smart city infrastructure, the parking system becomes a part of a comprehensive smart city ecosystem.

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