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    Parking Management Solutions For Corporate & Business Parks

    Discover PARK360's Tailored Corporate Parking Solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of modern businesses. With our advanced features and technologies, we provide a seamless parking experience for your employees and visitors.

    With our intelligent parking management system, you'll have real-time insights into parking availability, ensuring optimal space utilization. Our robust security features integrated with your CCTV surveillance and access control systems build a safe environment for your workforce and their vehicles.

    Trust PARK360 to tailor a corporate parking solution that perfectly aligns with your business requirements, enabling smooth operations and maximizing productivity.

    Why PARK360 Corporate Parking Systems?

    Space Utility

    The parking spaces are not optimally utilized by methods such as fixed


    Paperless entry and exit ensures a seamless movement of vehicles

    100% Regulated

    Fully monitored and controlled by administrators for total regulation

    360 Degrees Parking Solutions For

    Office Administration

    PARK360 Corporate Parking Management allows easy integration with existing security systems and facilitates an online booking system to minimize manual dependencies and resources. With paperless entry/exit using ANPR technology or QR scans, the entire mobility is faster, smarter, and more efficient resulting in higher productivity and efficient management.

    Employees & Visitors

    By implementing intelligent parking management systems, these solutions provide real-time insights into parking availability, allowing employees and visitors to quickly locate vacant spots. This eliminates the need for time-consuming searches and reduces traffic congestion within the premises. Our corporate parking management solutions contribute to a seamless and hassle-free parking experience.

    Secure Access Control

    Our Corporate Parking Management Solutions ensure secure access control through a combination of advanced technologies and robust systems. By integrating access control mechanisms such as RFID tags, access cards, ANPR Systems, or even biometric identification, these solutions authenticate and grant access to authorized personnel only.​

    Parking Slot Booking for Employees

    Online parking slot booking facilities enabled by PARK360 enhance operational efficiency, streamline parking management, and provide a seamless experience for both office administrators and employees. Employees save valuable time and avoid the frustration of searching for parking spots, resulting in improved punctuality and productivity​.

    Visitor Parking Management

    Corporate Parking Solutions offered by PARK360 also cater to visitor parking challenges with visitor parking mechanisms already in place. Pre-registrations, Digital Visitor Passes, Dedicated Visitor Parking Spaces, Guided Parking Systems, etc. are just a few to begin with. By implementing these, we enhance the overall experience for visitors, optimize parking utilization, and maintain a secure environment at corporate parks.

    Parking Enforcement Solutions

    PARK360 empowers Corporate Parks with Automated Parking Enforcement Management using real-time violation detection and notification, ticketing and fines, round-the-clock monitoring, and online payment integration. By leveraging these technologies and streamlined processes, PARK360 enables efficient parking enforcement by promoting compliance with parking regulations, ensuring fair usage of parking spaces, and maintaining a well-organized parking environment.

    Add-ons for Guided Parking Solutions

    Boom Barrier System

    Smart Access Control

    Pay & Park System

    ANPR Camera

    Advantages of Corporate Parking Solutions

    Here's how both Corporate Businesses and Employees can benefit from PARK360 Parking Management System.

    Benefits for your Business

    • No more waiting lists to use the parking facilities.

    • Improve parking space utilization by 30%.

    • Generate additional revenue by subletting to third-parties

    • Digital billing option to manage Paid Parking Spots.

    Benefits for your Employees

    • Smart Access Management to reduce wait times at the gate.

    • Offers equal opportunities and delivers fairness via a smart parking system.

    • Online parking slot booking feature to secure parking spots.

    • Employees save time and money with regulated parking space usage.

    Benefits for your Employees

    • Intuitive User Experience

    • Faster check-in/out process for hotels.

    • Simplified management of hotel reservations.

    • Smart and effortless rate management.

    • Cloud-based Hotel PMS to manage operations on-the-go.

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