How does Parking Guidance Systems Work?

Parking Guidance System is a technology where the system helps drivers find parking spaces easily and efficiently. Sometimes coined as a part of the green initiative, a smart parking guidance infrastructure will help save a lot of fuel or energy, otherwise wasted in finding empty spots.

With our Parking Guidance System, any parking lot or space can be upgraded to meet the modern day demands. PARK360's innovative parking guidance system offers real-time parking information on slots availability at the entry followed by simple and easy directions to the closest empty parking slot.

Real-time Guidance System

Huge parking lots are like a maze and without a proper guidance system at place, the drivers often drive endlessly trying to find a empty slot. To help counter this scenario, an smart and innovative Parking Guidance System is a must. With real-time information and simple directions using LED lights, drivers can reach the nearest empty slot within minutes of entry the parking lot.

Sensor-based Vehicle Detection Technology

With sensors installed at every available parking slot across the space, our system automatically detects whether a vehicle is parked at a given slot or not. Based on the data, the parking lot map, our smart algorithm sets up the easiest and simplest route to available parking slots. Our parking guidance system is designed to map data in real-time based on available parking slots, irrespective of the number of vehicles entering/exiting the parking lot.


Vehicle Detection Technology

Add-ons for Guided parking solutions

Boom Barrier System

Smart Access Control

Pay & Park System

ANPR Camera Monitoring

Where to Use?

Commercial Building

Commercial buildings


Tourist Spots


Commercial Firm

Railway Stations

Textile Market


Public Parking Lots

Bus Stations

Govt. Projects

Residential Housing


Metro Stations

Shopping Centers



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