How does QR-based Parking System Work?

QR-based Parking is a game changer in the parking industry. The QR code based technology enables a contactless and faster parking access control system. Ideal for long-term or monthly parking permit, QR Parking issues parking passes after collecting the information about the vehicle owner. The charges are pre-determined based on validity, duration time, type of vehicle, ownership, etc.

The QR Parking System also works seamlessly with a variety of cards such as QR cards/stickers, RFID cards, and UHF tags. Besides managing the entry/exit of the vehicle, our parking system also tracks the time and date of entry and exit.

Contactless QR Based Parking Access

At the time of pandemic, there's a rise in demand for contactless solutions across industries including the parking industry. PARK360's QR-based Parking is the ideal tech-driven social distancing solution for parking management. Our QR-based Parking System offers a contactless parking access system that makes parking management simpler, quicker, and more efficient.

Faster and Smarter Parking Management

Our Android QR Parking System eliminates the physical record-keeping of entry/exits and offers a faster, smarter, and more secure parking management. A simple QR scan validates and controls the parking access. The QR code can be used as a card, sticker, or on a mobile phone for easy access for scanning. Based on the algorithm and customization, the entry and exit are digitally recorded on every scan, including license plate details, time, and date.

Faster QR Parking Management

Faster and Smarter Parking mangement

Add-ons for QR Based Parking

Boom Barrier System

Card Access Control

Pay & Park Solution

ANPR Camera Monitoring

Where to Use?

Commercial Building

Commercial buildings


Tourist Spots


Commercial Firm

Railway Stations

Textile Market


Public Parking Lots

Bus Stations

Govt. Projects

Residential Housing


Metro Stations

Shopping Centers



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