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    Transform Your Commercial Parking Experience with Cutting-Edge Solutions

    At PARK360, we believe in delivering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the traditional parking management systems. Our aim is to enhance the overall parking experience, streamline operations, and optimize revenue generation for your commercial building or property.

    We understand the importance of seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, and PARK360 is designed to effortlessly integrate with various access control systems and payment gateways. Our flexible and scalable platform can be customized to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a hassle-free implementation process.

    In addition to optimizing parking space, PARK360 also provides real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities. Through our intuitive dashboard, you can keep a close eye on the occupancy status of each parking spot. This information allows you to make informed decisions regarding parking allocation, ensuring that no spot goes to waste.

    Benefits of PARK360 Commercial Parking Management

    100% Space Utilization

    The parking spaces are not optimally utilized by methods such as fixed

    Streamlined Operations

    The parking spaces are not optimally utilized by methods such as fixed

    Revenue Generation

    The parking spaces are not optimally utilized by methods such as fixed

    360-degrees Parking Solutions For

    Building Administrators

    PARK360 can provide fully automated parking solutions that can run without any manpower for any of the solution areas. Depending on your requirements, this works great when the intent is to have an unattended system in place without any staff reliance.

    Offices & Shops

    PARK360 understands in some cases having a staff or attended parking solution is essential due to various factors like cost, physical constraint, nature of business, etc. Our attended solutions are made with utmost care so that it's very easy to operate by staff, takes minimal time, and provides detailed analytical reports.

    Secure Access Control

    Our parking management system integrates with access control mechanisms such as barriers, gates, and automated entry systems. These mechanisms are equipped with authentication methods, such as RFID cards, access codes, or biometric identifiers, to grant access to authorized vehicles and personnel. This ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the parking area, enhancing security.

    Paperless Entry/Exit

    Intelligent commercial parking management system by PARK360 offers significant benefits in reducing paper use and improving overall traffic flow, ultimately avoiding congestion. The system allows for virtual permits and reservations, eliminating the need for physical permits or printed reservation confirmations. Users can make payments online, reducing the reliance on paper-based payment methods.

    Owner Parking Management

    Our Parking Management System offers flexibility in configuring preferential parking setups. Owners can define and customize the criteria for preferential parking, such as specific tenant groups, VIP visitors, or designated parking for employees with special needs. This customization allows owners to adapt the parking arrangements to their specific property requirements and meet the diverse needs of their tenants and visitors.

    Parking Enforcement Solutions

    Our Parking Management Systems are bundled with enforcement solutions tailored for commercial parking spaces. We use advanced technologies such as license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and sensors to detect parking violations in real-time. Our systems can identify vehicles parked in unauthorized areas, overstaying vehicles, or vehicles without valid permits. By monitoring and detecting violations promptly, parking enforcement personnel can take appropriate actions to ensure compliance.

    Features of PARK360 Commercial Parking Management

    Boom Barrier System

    Smart Access Control

    Pay & Park System

    ANPR Camera Monitoring

    Why Choose PARK360?

    An intelligent Commercial Parking Management System offers a range of benefits for both owners and tenants of commercial buildings or properties.

    Benefits for Administrators

    Benefits for Owners & Tenants

    • Enhanced Space Utilization

    • Optimal Space Utilization

    • Improved Traffic Flow

    • Smart Access Control and Improved Security

    • Real-time Monitoring and Analytics

    • Convenient Parking Experience

    • Time and Cost Savings

    • Improved Accessibility

    • Enhanced Security

    • User Insights and Feedback

    Benefits for your Employees

    • Intuitive User Experience

    • Faster check-in/out process for hotels.

    • Simplified management of hotel reservations.

    • Smart and effortless rate management.

    • Cloud-based Hotel PMS to manage operations on-the-go.

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