What is UHF RFID Parking System?

RFID based car parking system is an efficient way to manage the entry and exit gates at any parking facility. In a RFID based Parking Access System, RFID systems that operate at Ultra High Frequency (UHF) are installed at the entry/exit gates.

Every authorized vehicle is assigned a RFID sticker or UHF tag, primarily placed on the windscreen. The gate reader will automatically detect the sticker or tag and allow or deny entry based on the validity and authenticity of the vehicle within seconds.

Vehicle Access Control System

The main USP of RFID parking management system is that it eliminates human dependency. Only authorized vehicles get access without any human intervention, swipe cards, or OTPs. A simple UHF tag or RFID sticker on the windscreen is required and the RFID reader at the gate does the rest.

While basic RFID readers can access speeds from 6 mph, the more advanced ones can manage up to 100 mph. Parking facilities at commercial or residential units can implement RFID Parking Control System and customize the solution based on the vehicle traffic flow, type of the premises, and number of entry/exit gates.

Unmanned Non-Stop Parking Management

No more manual checks or record-keeping is required with RFID Parking Control System. The entry/exit process is not only unmanned but it is also fast as the RFID readers can detect RFID stickers or UHF tags and authenticate access within seconds as the vehicle enters the preferred range.

UHF RFID based car parking system is ideal for parking facilities with high vehicle traffic. RFID based access control system is fully automated and facilitates non-stop parking management infrastructure.

Unmanned Non-stop Parking Management

Unmanned Non-Stop Parking Mangement

Add-ons for UHF RFID Based parking

Boom Barrier System

QR Code Scan Access

Pay & Park Solution

ANPR Camera Monitoring

Where to Use?

Commercial Building

Commercial buildings


Tourist Spots


Commercial Firm

Railway Stations

Textile Market


Public Parking Lots

Bus Stations

Govt. Projects

Residential Housing


Metro Stations

Shopping Centers



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